Drawing Toys

I enjoyed Etch A Sketches when I was a kid. I realize now what I liked so much about them…it was the impermanence. A drawing on an Etch A Sketch would not last. It encouraged shaking the screen and starting over.

Sometimes I would take an Etch A Sketch drawing session seriously and attempt to make an elaborate drawing. The obvious pitfall was that it was easy to move the knobs wrong and ruin the whole image. There’s no eraser, there’s no undoing the last step. It took good hand-eye coordination. So the further along the process I got, the more cautious I’d have to be. There was a high-wire act in miniature contained within that red plastic shell.

Then, all I could do after completing a drawing was shake the screen and start another— back to a clean slate of aluminum gray.

These days I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet. It’s a little more more sophisticated. It has an Undo. And more colors.

Clip Studio Paint has a feature called the ‘lasso fill tool’. I absolutely love the lasso fill tool. I think it’s the coolest way to doodle in the history of doodling. I add a paper texture, pick a color, and start making overlapping shapes on the screen. I’m so fascinated with the novelty of this clever magic drawing tablet that I’ve recorded another timelapse video.

Playback is roughly 3X actual speed.